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World's Best Salt Water Taffy

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World's Best Salt Water Taffy

So this is clearly unrelated from my glass beaded jewelry, but it's time that I tell you about the salt water taffy I have available! I stumbled upon this awesome taffy company last year when I was searching for a Christmas present for my sister. I was looking for something fun and something I couldn't find everywhere. I knew she liked salt water taffy, so I started searching online. 

Let me be clear though. I wanted good salt water taffy--not just something that was mediocre. After quite a bit of research, I decided to order from the Taffy Shop, located in Utah. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The quality, flavors available and cute packaging exceeded my expectations. 

I attend quite a few art events throughout the year where I'm selling the glass beaded jewelry that I make, and I simply decided that this taffy would be welcomed at such events. So I take it with me and sell it right along side of my jewelry. And I love it. And the event goers love it, too. 

So, for any of my followers and readers, I have two mixes available for sale on my website: Favorites Mix (which contains both fruit and dessert flavors) and a Dessert Mix. If you are local and don't need to pay shipping to get the taffy, use NOSHIP as a promotional code and you won't be charged any shipping. 

Be sure to check back often because I do have a limited amount of seasonal mixes available at certain times throughout the year (Fall Favorites, Christmas Mixes, Valentine's Mix, St. Patrick's Day, and Spring and Summer Fruit Mixes). While supplies last people, so get your taffy! 




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