Short Red Necklace

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This gorgeous red necklace features my handmade glass beads in a bright, beautiful red color. I make each bead using a torch and kiln. I used a sterling silver chain for this short red statement necklace. It measures approximately 16" in length and uses a silver clasp for easy on and off use.

I made these red beads to be irregular shaped so they have a unique stone look to them instead of being perfectly round. I make each glass bead by hand using a torch and kiln.  

If you are looking for the perfect red necklace to add a splash of color to your outfit, this is a gorgeous, unique choice! If you love bright red jewelry, don't pass this bright red necklace up! It's stunning and one of a kind!

This red glass beaded necklaces comes with a gift bag and tissue paper so once it arrives, it's ready to be given as a gift. No wrapping necessary on your part:)