Modern Minimalist Glass Beaded Jewelry For Women By Wrist Flair

About Wrist Flair Glass Jewelry

Meagan Steinberg

Wrist Flair is Meagan Steinberg's creations, featuring glass beads made by hand, used to design one of a kind jewelry and accessories. 

The process I use to make the glass beads is an art called lampworking. I use a torch and glass rods to make each bead. The glass rods come in every color imaginable (pictured below).

I melt the glass in the flame, and it drips onto a steel mandrel (or steel stick). I turn the mandrel in the flame so the glass does not drip. I continue to add glass to make the bead larger, use other tools to shape the beads, etc. When I have the bead to the desired size, I put it in my kiln. This allows the bead to anneal, or gain strength and durability for every day use. It also allows the bead to cool at a slow pace. Glass beads that cool to quickly will crack.

making a glass bead with a torch  

I'm from Iowa and my studio is located in a rural farm setting in the northern part of the state.

I strive to make pieces that are functional, modern in design and striking in color and overall look. Another priority for me is keeping my prices affordable. Each bead is handmade so time and skill are involved in making your piece. I believe my prices reflect the experience I hold as a lampwork artist (I've been at this since 2008), and the quality of the product you will receive.

When I'm Not Busy

When I'm not busy, you can find me with my five-year-old daughter, Violet, and my husband, Bruce. Our favorite thing to do is golf when the weather is nice. I love to do just about anything outdoors including jogging, swimming, biking and more. 

Why I Create

I think the number one question I'm asked is, "How did you get interested in this?" I've always been drawn to glass beaded jewelry, but it was rare that I could ever find it. In the few places I did find it whether it was on vacation or somewhere else, I really didn't understand or know that the pieces were made of glass. I like the way glass looks as far as jewelry goes. It has dimension and vibrancy. It's noticeable and can be stylish yet timeless. It looks good on teens and older women alike. 

I started making my own beads and pieces because I've always had a vision of what that would look like. I wanted simpler versions of what I was seeing, yet larger glass beads. Art is unique and fulfilling for me. I love the process; I love the end result (as long as it turns out;). It takes awhile to truly make pieces that reflect my vision of what I've envisioned for my brand. That doesn't happen overnight. But I'm pleased at where I'm at in that process as my brand and products continue to evolve. So thank you for your interest. These products aren't cookie cutter style. They aren't made in a factory that has the ability to produce many of the same kind. Wrist Flair Glass is artisan jewelry. Each glass bead is hand crafted, one at a time. 

Why Buy From Me

I certainly know you have endless options of where to go to buy jewelry and gifts for loved ones. I also am the first to say that sometimes it's just more convenient to make a quick stop to a box store or purchase online from a store you know or have ordered from in the past. But I also can be the first person to tell you what it means when customers choose to buy from an artist. It means that I get to do something I love for someone else. I get to hopefully bring a little bit of light and joy to someone who loves or will love my creation. It's going to be different than anything else that your friends have. It's supposed to be unique in color, shape and design. I want you to have pieces of jewelry that help you feel like your outfit and look is complete. I want you to feel and look good whether you're headed to a business meeting or out for a night on the town. 

If this is a gift for someone else, I have goals for that, too. I want your mom, sister, niece, co-worker or best friend to know and understand the uniqueness of what you are giving her. It promises to be a quality piece that she should be able to wear for as long as she wants to.

Guess what? It needs to be a convenient process for you, too. Whether that means having it shipped directly to you or the recipient's door, having it arrive with a cute gift bag and paper so you don't have to worry about wrapping it, or selecting a style but requesting it in a different color. That is what I'm here to do for you. 

Your purchase allows me to offset my costs I incur to do this art and operate as a small business. For that, I'm grateful. I'm always hopeful I'll have the ability to invest in my knowledge and ability to learn new glass skills and create new pieces and styles that fit my brand and ultimately appeal to you. 

After You Buy From Me

I want to hear from you. I want to know if you or your friend loves the new pair of glass beaded earrings you bought. Send me a picture of you wearing it! Post it on your facebook page, pin it on Pinterest, do an Instagram story and tag me or simply leave me a review on my facebook page. If you love something, chances are some of your friends will too. And that breathes new life into my business. So if you take the time to share my information and jewelry in your own way with others, I'm thanking you in advance. 

I want to know if a bead or chain breaks. Why? Because I'm here to fix it. That's my obligation. Sure things happen after wearing pieces over time, but I feel very strongly about making sure it's something you can wear over time. It doesn't matter if someone yanked on a long necklace or if you dropped a bracelet and a bead broke. I want to fix it for you. I don't charge for repairs to my own pieces so please don't hesitate to contact me if something breaks.