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Every Girl Needs Staple Jewelry Pieces

Every Girl Needs Staple Jewelry Pieces

I'm big on thinking every girl needs staple, neutral-colored jewelry pieces for her wardrobe. These are the go-to accessories you grab each day when you really don't have time to try five necklaces on to see how they look with your outfit. Let's face it. Unless I really plan ahead and allow extra time for getting ready, I find myself drawn to my reliable bracelets, necklaces and earrings that I know match and look great. They are comfortable to wear, easy to put on and add the extra touch I'm looking for each day.  Colors for these pieces include black of course, beige, silver, gold, royal blue or navy, gray and brown.  

It's like the little black dress we've all been told we need in our closet.  How many times have we relied on that dress for a work function, thrown a cardigan sweater over it for dinner out, or thrown a pair of pumps or heels on for a girl's night out? It's versatile. It's reliable. These staple pieces of jewelry are not any different. 

Before I convinced myself to rely on these same pieces of beaded jewelry, I usually left my house with no jewelry on. I didn't think I had time to ponder which necklace looked better with my top or neckline of my dress. Forget it.  If I was going to take any extra time, it probably should be on either curling or straightening my hair, or picking my daughter's clothing out so my husband would have one less thing to do, or making a quick lunch for myself instead of having to run out for fast food or to the convenience store. Not picking out jewelry for the day.  But I must admit, there's a difference to how I feel if I walk out the door with jewelry on or not.  And to me, it's worth the difference. Doing everything I can to start my day out on a positive note makes a difference in how my day goes. Some things are out of my control and some are not. 

If you are looking to add some staple jewelry pieces to your wardrobe, shop my storeI often tell customers who are trying to buy gifts to steer towards neutral-colored pieces because they not only are more likely to love them, chances are they have more items in their wardrobe to wear these staple pieces with.  

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