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Tassel jewelry has clearly been a trend these past few years, but some of you may remember tassels being a popular embellishment you'd see around your house (or your grandma's house;). For example, you'd spot them on lampshades, curtains and pillows. They were usually tied in with some sort of fabric.  According to, the tassel has almost always been a symbol of power and prestige. The word for "tassel" originated from "tassau" -- which, translated from Latin, refers to a clasp at the neck of a garment. In the beginning, tassels served as a weaving knot in garments to prevent...

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If you're at all like me right now, I'm loving all of the long tassel necklaces I'm seeing!  I like long necklaces regardless, but am particularly fond of the tassel ones.  I decided to branch out and make and sell my own style featuring the glass beads I make with a torch and kiln through Wrist Flair Glass.   I'm trying to make a variety of styles and color combinations so it can look great with a particular outfit, or become a staple jewelry piece (read my blog post about staple pieces for your wardrobe) that you can put on...

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