Long Tassel Necklaces

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Long Tassel Necklaces

If you're at all like me right now, I'm loving all of the long tassel necklaces I'm seeing!  I like long necklaces regardless, but am particularly fond of the tassel ones.  I decided to branch out and make and sell my own style featuring the glass beads I make with a torch and kiln through Wrist Flair Glass.  

I'm trying to make a variety of styles and color combinations so it can look great with a particular outfit, or become a staple jewelry piece (read my blog post about staple pieces for your wardrobe) that you can put on to match just about anything!  The colors that seem to work well as a staple piece are black, tan, beige, white, gray and blue.  For example, here's a staple one featuring a beige tassel and black glass beads:

My goal is to have my tassel necklaces be different than all of the ones you're seeing out there.  The glass beads add color, dimension and shine to the overall look of this long necklace, and frankly, no two of these necklaces are alike so far. I've been working hard on shaping my glass beads differently, including diamond shaped beads and more round beads than oval.  When you're a self-taught glass lampwork artist, changing the shape isn't all that easy?!  

My long tassel necklaces are:

  • 30 inches in length
  • On a brass chain
  • Have a 2-inch leather tassel

I love the fact that the leather tassel necklaces appeal to women of all ages--I've seen younger girls wearing them all the up to older women. They are easy to wear, no clasp needed, and a style of accessory that I think is here to stay for awhile.  If you're into fashion, you've been bombarded with this style!  

To see my current selection of tassel necklaces that I have for sale, click here

If you like this tassel necklace style but want different colors, I take custom orders and am happy to assist you!  If you have questions, send me an email at meagan.steinberg@gmail.com.  

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