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Gift Guide For 3-5 Year Old Girls

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Gift Guide For 3-5 Year Old Girls

It's that time of year when most of us are starting to think of gifts for people who will be on our Christmas shopping list. If this task overwhelms you, you are not alone. I've said this before; I love giving gifts IF I have great ideas. If I start feeling stressed, lack ideas or start running out of time, the enjoyment goes right out the window. I don't have ideas for everyone who might be on your shopping list this year, but I can attest to some good ideas I've used in the past for certain recipients in case it can be of any good use to you!

Here's my gift guide for 3-5 year old girls:

1. Clvr Indoor Trampoline
This has been a big hit with my 3-year old daughter. We have it in our basement. It's safe, durable and she jumps on it almost daily. It's a great way for her to get exercise and kids love it! While it's a little on the expensive side, I think the re-sale value of it will be good when she outgrows it and it's been a good investment for us. I will be the first to say I know there are many moms out there who are against having a trampoline because of risk of injury. I certainly cannot argue with that; I'm just speaking from my own experience. 

2. Games
My daughter is 3 1/2 and both my husband and I would admit that it has been fun having her reach an age and ability where playing card games and board games is fun. In particular, she seems to love Crazy 8's right now. And when you know your child is going to want to play 82 rounds of something, Crazy 8's is doable for both the kids and parents! It keeps her attention, she learns about following suit, practices numbers and colors and winning and losing. There are many fun games out there, but Crazy 8's takes the cake for us right now. Makes for a great stocking stuffer for a toddler this time of year. New games we hope to try soon that get good reviews include Zingo and The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Another great game that I would recommend is this lady bug memory board. It's well built, cute and comes with several memory cards for different games. It's out of the ordinary, sturdy and teaches the same concept. 

3. Colorful Tassel Necklaces

If your daughter loves to play with your jewelry, consider a shorter version of a cute, colorful tassel necklace that is easy for her to wear, and fits her perfectly. I have these in stock in my shop in various colors. I've found it's nice for her to have her own stash of durable bracelets and necklaces and she tends to leave mine alone when she has something that is her very own:) These are cute, in style and won't break the bank or make you cringe if she just so happens to lose it after a week or so;)

 4. Anything Play-Doh
For anyone who knows me personally, you may already know that I am not a fan of Play Doh. I think it stems back to when I was a kid and my mom used to make homemade play doh on the stove and it was disgusting. It left your hands salty, had a distinct odor that I hated and ended up mashed into the carpet. So even though I gag every time I'm emptying out the little containers for my daughter to play with, she loves it. It gets her little imagination going, keeps her occupied and she shows a lot of pride in her creations. It's a hands-on activity and there's nothing better for her at this age. As we all know, the brand has a ton of kits that help kids create. There's no shortage of ideas. I haven't caved to making slime yet, but she's been asking. If you have any tips, comment below:)

An excellent alternative to play doh is this activity board that has your children looking at pictures and using shapes to build exactly what is pictured. I highly recommend this toy--it encourages hands-on learning, spatial awareness, following directions and a great sense of accomplishment when your child is successful in building what is pictured. 

5. Barbie Dream House
barbie dream house

I never thought we'd be the parents that bought our daughter a barbie dream house, but let me tell you it's been a great investment. I think they are way overpriced, but that's nothing new. I would say that I'm not overly impressed with the quality of the product, however I am impressed with how much my daughter plays with it. She received it before she turned three and almost one year later it still is her favorite toy to play with and her interest hasn't dwindled. I saw the newest version that features a water slide which I think is a step up from last year's version. My daughter just so happens to be asking for the barbie dream camper this year;)

6. Anything Princess or Dress Up
I was not the type of girl who loved to dress up, but my daughter is! I think all kids are different and their interests obviously vary, but my daughter is all about anything that has to do with princesses, dresses, crowns and glitter. Her last two Halloween costumes (Skye from Paw Patrol and Princess Anna from Frozen) are still regular dress up outfits that make their appearance in our house almost on a daily basis. They are fairly inexpensive, well worth the purchase and it's pretty amazing to see your child transformed into an uninhibited environment that she loves and her imagination runs endlessly. 

7. Melissa & Doug Toys

I've always been impressed with the quality of the Melissa & Doug toys. I think they are well built, innovative and creative. Our top pick is the ice cream scoop and serve counter set. I think she received this when she turned 2 years old and it has not lost its nostalgia or her interest. 

I hope that if you have a young girl you're shopping for that this gift guide has been helpful or at least spurred some ideas for you! Do you know of any other moms who might appreciate this info? If so, please share the link with them. 

If you give any of these a try, comment below and let me know what you think!





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