Spring And Summer Fashion Trends For 2019 – Wrist Flair
Spring And Summer Fashion Trends For 2019

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Spring And Summer Fashion Trends For 2019

According to Elle, beige is in this year and you'll be seeing a lot of it this season! You can mix shades of beige within one look, or if that gets to be too much, try styling it with pastel shades. For example, try a pastel piece of jewelry such as this wrap bracelet or pastel colored earrings. If you're searching for a pair of beige earrings you can wear all year long, check these out


Top Handle Handbags
Top handle handbags are ever so popular right now and I actually prefer them over crossbody purses and ones with longer handles. You generally can still slip the handle up on your wrist if you're trying to carry other things in addition to your purse. They're cute, and the perfect size to carry most of what you need. I'm not a fan of over-sized purses. Top handle handbags are practical, stylish and not cumbersome. If you're like me and give me a larger purse, I will stuff more things in it, which is less than helpful when trying to stay organized. I'm much better off carrying a handbag that is light and cute and minimizing the junk I can accumulate and haul around day to day. 

wicker handbag

Wicker and Bamboo
There has been a surge in the amount of wicker and bamboo handbags that are showing up this spring and summer season. For example, here's one pictured above for sale at Nordstrom's. It's cute, stylish and has a flair of color that I like with the tassels. 

neon handbag

Neon Colors
The color of the season is any bright shade of neon, according to Elle Magazine. A great way to incorporate neon colors into your overall look is with a cute handbag such as the Christian Dior one pictured above, a cute pair of flats such as these from Yosi Samra or a scarf. 


Tortoise Shell Anything
You are guaranteed to see more tortoise shell when it comes to jewelry and accessories. The most popular items I'm seeing are tortoise shell glasses and earrings. In fact, tortoise shell earrings have exploded in popularity on Pinterest in the last year with searches up over 679 percent, which is why the platform is dubbing it one of the biggest accessory trends for 2019.


multicolor multistrand necklace

Multicolor and Multistrand Necklaces
Multicolor and multistrand necklaces are increasing in popularity and the more colorful the better! Often times this is the case when we're coming out of winter and looking forward to spring. Color is the answer. For example, this is my brand spanking new two strand, multicolor necklace that just went on sale. It's a statement necklace that features a black and white cord, a sterling silver slide clasp, and 16 of my large handmade glass beads in various colors. It's adorable and noticeable, all at the same time. 

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