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DIY Cleaning Your Own Jewelry

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DIY Cleaning Your Own Jewelry

cleaning your jewelry with baking soda 

A common question I get from customers is, "How should I clean my jewelry?" and "What can I do if the sterling silver starts to look tarnished?" There's nothing worse than having sterling silver tarnish and after time, a piece that you once loved starts looking nasty and you're embarrassed to wear it. So instead of just throwing it out or assuming you're done with it, consider taking a short amount of time to clean it up. It's easy, inexpensive and worth it when you have a piece of jewelry that you'd love to wear again! Regardless if your taste is trendy or more fine materials such as gemstones, there are easy, simple ways to get your metals looking almost new again!

Water & Baking Soda
For gold and sterling silver, you generally can clean them at home. My tried and true method is water, baking soda, and a gentle brush or cloth. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda into warm water and dip the brush into the mix and gently spread it on your jewelry. Use the brush to gently scrub the metal. Avoid using a brush with hard bristles because the goal is not to scratch your jewelry. 

Let It Soak If You Need To
Giving your jewelry time to soak in the warm water and baking soda mixture can do wonders in loosening dirt and crusted debri from your jewelry. 

jewelry polishing cloth

Purchase Or Use A Jewelry Cloth
Try getting a chamois or microfiber cloth to wipe your jewelry clean, and a polishing cloth to shine up the metal. These cloths are inexpensive but the right type of material to safely polish your jewelry. 

Consider A Professional Cleaning
If you've attempted to clean a piece of jewelry yourself and are not happy with the outcome, consider taking it to a local jeweler for a professional cleaning. I especially recommend this with gemstone jewelry including wedding rings, etc. It gives a professional an opportunity to clean it (sometimes using a sonic cleaner) and examine it for any abnormal wear such as broken prongs, loose stones, etc. Professional jewelers know what is recommended for particular gemstones and metals and what should be avoided. For example, pearl jewelry should not go through a sonic cleaner and other metals have different requirements. So if you're unsure, consult your local jeweler. 

In the meantime, if it's fashion or costume jewelry that you're trying to spruce up, give the warm water and baking soda mix a try. You just might be surprised how well it does and you'll be back to wearing your favorite necklace, ring or bracelet in no time! 

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