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The Rose Gold Phenomenon

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The Rose Gold Phenomenon

rose gold line bar stud earrings with orange beads

Are you surprised about how popular rose gold jewelry is right now? For some of us, the rose gold phenomenon seems new, but here are some interesting facts about it:

What Is Rose Gold?
It's a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver. The silver helps to tone down the redness of the copper, and the result is a subtle shade of pink. Rose gold and gold itself has to be mixed with other metals in order for it to be durable and keep its shape. It does not chip nor tarnish which makes it desirable. The copper in rose gold can darken over time, giving it a darker pink appearance.

Where Does It Come From?
While it's difficult to say when it was actually invented, it is known that it first became popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century and is sometimes referred to as "Russian gold".  

Why Is It So Popular Right Now?
According to, gold with pink tones tends to complement all skin tones, so it’s very easy to wear. Many people also consider it the most romantic precious metal because of its pink luster. The rose gold concept has surpassed jewelry in fact, and you see it associated with iPhones and other electronics. This trend’s return is a welcomed change in a market that has been dominated by white gold and platinum.

Above all, this beautiful variation of gold has a distinct vintage feel somewhat like Old World luxury. This makes it exclusive and desirable to modern day jewelry lovers.

I too, have incorporated rose gold findings into my line of glass beaded earrings (pictured above is an example). Rose gold enthusiasts can choose from rose gold hoops or line bar stud earrings. Both the hoops and stud earrings feature my handmade glass beads. 

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