Woven Wicker Rattan Earrings With Glass Beads – Wrist Flair
Woven Wicker Rattan Earrings With Glass Beads

Woven Wicker Rattan Earrings With Glass Beads

I'm in love with my latest style of earrings--round woven wicker rattan earrings featuring my glass beads in various colors. This wicker, straw rattan material is all the hype this spring...I have written about it in previous blog posts, specifically in cute handbags! 

lace up woven shoes

Marie Claire had an fashion story about the most popular and trendy woven  accessories that are in style right now. Think handbags, summer shoes with the woven material in the heel (pictured above), and of course the straw hat for the pool and beach is never out of style.  

coral red beaded woven wicker rattan earrings

My glass beaded wicker earrings are lightweight, earthy and natural. They look great with light and bright colors, along with everything neutral. I can guarantee they will a staple pair of earrings I'll be choosing and relying on all spring, summer and fall long:) I used sterling silver ear wire for these so they even appeal to ladies with sensitive ears! Comfort is key. 

Mother's Day is coming up! If you like the idea of getting Mom a cute pair of earrings that are in style for the season and not breaking the bank on a gift, go ahead and order these and they'll be shipped right to your door. Another task you can go ahead and cross off of your list. Nothing feels better than that!

Is a long necklace more your Mom's style? If so, browse my selection of long glass beaded tassel necklaces

I'm happy to help! 

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