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White Jewelry

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White Jewelry

I would not ever self proclaim to be fashion savvy, but I do my best to keep up with what's in style when it comes to trends. For example, how many of you obey the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day? I must admit I stick to that rule, even though I think it's becoming more widely acceptable to wear white whenever you like! I would say the one piece of clothing I shy away from wearing after Labor Day are my white capris. But beyond that, I think white is acceptable year round. And I also know most of us love seeing white pop up in stores and in catalogs towards the end of winter....it's clearly a sign of spring and summer fashion starting to show up in front of us.

When it comes to white beaded jewelry, I obviously tend to see more demand for it in the spring and early summer. Here are a few of my favorite white beaded earrings and bracelets:


If women like the idea of wearing white jewelry but want it incorporated in with other colors, I've found that my beaded wrap bracelets that feature three different colors seems to be what they gravitate towards. These bracelets are nice because you can wear them all year long:

Choosing modern white jewelry is a great way to add color and style to an outfit without having to find a perfect color match! White looks great with every color imaginable along with a sun tan--whether that's healthy or not.  

Choose some staple pieces of white jewelry to have in your wardrobe! You'll be surprised how much you rely on them and they can be your easy to-go jewelry when you're pressed for time to accessorize.  

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