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Sometimes it's nice to have new gift ideas for the ladies who are on your shopping list for this time of year. So if your mom, mother-in-law, sister, best friends, nieces, co-workers, daughters, girlfriend, wife or any other female is on your list to shop for, I hope this gift guide will spur some ideas for you! 1. Advent Calendars For LadiesI came across this idea last year and I love it. For any woman who loves to do her nails and loves new nail polish colors, this is cutely displayed and I like it because the recipient gets it...

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It's that time of year when most of us are starting to think of gifts for people who will be on our Christmas shopping list. If this task overwhelms you, you are not alone. I've said this before; I love giving gifts IF I have great ideas. If I start feeling stressed, lack ideas or start running out of time, the enjoyment goes right out the window. I don't have ideas for everyone who might be on your shopping list this year, but I can attest to some good ideas I've used in the past for certain recipients in case it...

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Maybe this is just my fascination with smoky quartz, but there are some pretty amazing facts about this gem material that I thought you might find interesting!  According to, smoky quartz is a variety of quartz. It ranges in color from light grayish-brown to deep black. It can be opaque, but is almost always transparent to translucent, even in its darkest color shade. Smoky quartz features a rare yet beautiful transparency which draws light into this rich shade of color. In my opinion, it's a classy yet timeless color and stone.  Another source,, reports that it is a stone of power. To the ancient Druids, it was sacred and...

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glass beaded earrings, lampwork earrings, lever back earrings, modern lever back earrings, security of lever back earrings, sterling silver lever back earrings -

Do you love the security of lever back earrings? A lot of us do. Having the security of a clasp on an earring vs. relying on some sort of backing to keep that earring in place creates peace of mind for most girls. Some women can get away with threading that ear wire through and never thinking twice about it. Then there's some of us who try to go without a backing and we swear it falls out of our ear before we even have the chance to leave our house.  It took me awhile to find lever back earrings that...

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Are you surprised about how popular rose gold jewelry is right now? For some of us, the rose gold phenomenon seems new, but here are some interesting facts about it: What Is Rose Gold?It's a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver. The silver helps to tone down the redness of the copper, and the result is a subtle shade of pink. Rose gold and gold itself has to be mixed with other metals in order for it to be durable and keep its shape. It does not chip nor tarnish which makes it desirable. The copper in rose gold can...

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